3-Step Process: Unlock Your Borrowing Power Today

3-Step Process- Unlock Your Borrowing Power Today.

“Discover Your Borrowing Power and Repayments to Achieve Your Dreams”

  1. First Consultation Assessment

Taking the time to understand your financial situation, needs, and goals is our priority.

We assess your income to reveal your maximum borrowing power.

  1. Submit Application Online

Once we have all the necessary information, our online application process is straightforward, allowing us to proceed promptly with your application.”

Documents needed:

  • Income: Pay slips, NOA, Tax Returns, Financials.
  • Liabilities: Credit Cards, Loans, Store Cards.
  • Identification: Driver’s License, Passport, Birth Certificate or Citizenship, Medicare, Marriage Certificate.
  1. Second Consultation Options

We present a range of options and recommend the best solution, including lenders, repayment types, product features, interest rates, costs, and turnaround time.


Application Management

We prepare, package and lodge your application whilst continually following up the lender to ensure a prompt and hassle-free approval process.

Documentation and Settlement

To ensure a smooth and timely settlement. we review and execute loan documents with you, act as the main point of contact with all stakeholders (bank, solicitor, agent, accountant) 

Ongoing Service

Acting as your primary lending expert moving forward, we answer any queries regarding your existing or new loan facilities, providing market updates, and continually review and renegotiate your interest rates.


Request a callback to take advantage of our service, and we’ll assist you as soon as possible

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