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We Help First Home Buyers, Property Investors, Business owners
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First Home Buyers:
We help you through the entire process

Your dream of ownership starts here with personalized advice and support.  

While the process can be challenging, and at times, seem unachievable, the decision to purchase your first property is one that will set you up for the future.

Our recommendation to purchase a property is when you have a pre-approval in place. Doing your research with a finance broker can make all the difference in achieving your goals sooner. 

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Government Guarantee Options for First home buyers:

New South Wales Revenue NSW Victoria Revenue Victoria

South Australia Revenue SA ACT Revenue ACT

Queensland Revenue QLD

Property Investors:
Helping you with investment strategies

Maximize your real estate portfolio and financing options tailored to your goals.

We help you with strategies to build your investment portfolio using your first property or purchasing your first investment property.

Using the equity in your property to purchase an investment property is a great way to improve or start your investment portfolio. 

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Choosing a loan broker who understands the property market means receiving guidance every step of the way. Mortgage Pass will be by your side.

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Homeowners Refinance:
Helping you Lower your Rates

Capitalize on lower interest rates and save on monthly repayments with our refinancing solutions.

Helping you with a better outcome is part of our service. 

All the leg work is done for you, using over 30 lenders, both major banks and second tier lenders to better your financial position is our priority moving forward. 

Renovation or Cash Out: Using the equity in your home to improve your property will add value and can be financially rewarding in the long term. 

Your home needs to suit your lifestyle, so updating it internally or externally makes sense. We have options for getting cash out against your home for minor or major renovations, a pool or even a granny flat.

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Business finance

Mortgage Pass help you with your long-term needs, supporting the growth of your business.

Business Owners:
We help you Expand your Business

Leverage our commercial financing expertise no matter what industry you’re in. 

Our core business is helping and providing tailored finance options for the needs of all Australian businesses and commercial property investors.

Establishing and running a business can be a costly undertaking, but thankfully, funding can be acquired to help ease the pressure. We can help you set up and run smoothly, leaving you with more time to focus on what’s important, growing your business.

Mortgage Pass understands complex financials, we can determine your borrowing capacity for your new business purchase, cashflow or investment property. 

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